A Matter of Trust Vol II - Walter Zettl
£26.95 £18.00  
A Matter of Trust Vol III - Walter Zettl
£26.95 £18.00  
A Matter of Trust Vol IV - Walter Zettl
£20.95 £12.00  
Dressage in Harmony by Walter Zettl
£22.50 £18.00  
Headstall Bridle BA-105-T
Model: BA-105-D
£68.95 £39.95  

SmartWool Women's Next-To-Skin Microweight Crew top
Model: SWSL438
£39.95 £25.99  
SmartWool Ladies Socks 'Hunt'
Model: SWH
£17.59 £10.00  
SmartWool Ladies Socks 'Best Friend'
Model: SWBF
£13.49 £7.95  
Rope Hackamore with Horseman's Reins - Draft
Ray Hunt  Horsemanship with Ray Hunt DVD
Model: RHH
Natural Horsemanship Equipment and Training

Welcome to Total Horsemanship


Ropes & Rope Reins are our speciality!  

Bespoke ropes made to order - any length

Suppliers and Stockists of a wide range of Natural Horsemanship Equipment including rope halters, lead ropes, rope reins, sticks & horseman’s flags,  western headstalls, Equimore natural supplements, Smart Grooming & Borstiq grooming equipment,  horsemanship DVD's & Books, LM & Griffin Nuumed Numnahs and much more.

Ropes and rope reins can be made any length. If you can't see what you want, please email. 

Tina is also a Freelance Horsemanship Instructor and now an accredited saddle consultant with LM Saddles.

Please call or email to book a lesson or if you would like a saddling consultation. 




Payment with a credit or debit card can also be made via PayPal even if you do not have a PayPal account



Equipment for Good Horsemanship

The natural horse training equipment offered in our range is of the highest professional quality, it is durable and stands the test of time. All of the natural horse training equipment featured is used daily by ourselves on all of our horses and ponies. This equipment is used by David Stuart of David Stuart Foundation Horsemanship


DVD's & Books

Our natural horse training DVD's and books are carefully selected and you won't find any that we wouldn't have in our own collection and feature some of the most respected and renowned horsemen of our time!


Western Headstalls

Great quality and authentic western headstall from Los Angeles, USA. 


Lavinia Mitchell & Griffin NuuMed Numnahs

Lavinia has developed a numnah and shim system together with Griffin NuuMed to bring us a numnah that will help your saddle fit your horse throughout the year as they change shape.


Sweet Iron Snaffle Bits

Sweet Iron Loose ring snaffles and eggbut snaffles direct from Jeremiah Watts.


Riding & Ranch Gloves

By Justin, great for riding and outdoor activities.


Equimore Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Much of the UK's horse pasture and preserved forages such as hay and haylage is deficient in some essential nutrients including minerals. Therefore it is necessary to give them a vitamin and mineral supplement. The Equimore range is 100% natural and free from artificial additives.


Grooming Supplies & Smart Grooming

Borstiq brushes are eco friendly, ergonomically designed and outstanding quality.  Revolutionary mane and tail thinners from Smart Grooming, are the only product on the market that actually THIN thick manes and tails, and give the pulled look without discomfort. Guaranteed tor work on the most sensitive of horses.


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is referred to as Nature's Silent Healer.

Natural Horsemanship Training & Equipment from Total Horsemanship