Tom Dorrance Building a Foundation - Colt Starting and Beyond 2-DVD set

Tom Dorrance Building a Foundation - Colt Starting and Beyond 2-DVD set
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Building a Foundation with Tom Dorrance - Colt Starting and Beyond 2-DVD set


On Tom Directing the Colt Starting A Message from Margaret Dorrance


I can hear Tom say, "IT ALL DEPENDS." The person, the horse, terrain, and many other factors can all make a difference. There are a lot of different ways to start colts and many have been successfully started in different ways.   


This DVD is from film taken at a  3-day Texas clinic in the 90s. Most of the colts started were reasonably gentle and halter broke. This DVD features two 3-year-old roan colts off of a ranch. Only one was halter broke, and we see that how they were started would help them in the future. To get things started the trailer was backed up to the indoor arena and the colts were unloaded. At the clinic there were several accomplished and  experienced horsemen that Tom directed successfully to start the colts in three days.


This DVD shows the beginning of FEEL, TIMING & BALANCE.  The previously released DVD "FEEL, TIMING & BALANCE" is a continuation of the 2 roan colts crossing the tarp with the rest of the colts. As with that DVD there are moments of sound and video that are less than perfect. For true students of horsemanship those moments can hardly distract from the great learning taking place with the horses and students. Please enjoy these teachable moments with Tom.

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