Stampede String

Stampede String
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Full-looped Stampede String with matching Horse Hair Tassels

This stampede string is 42 inches long and the matching horse hair tassels add another 3 1/2 inches.

How to fit your Stampede String

It does require 2 holes be placed in the brim of the hat. The holes should be as close to the lining of the hat as possible just behind the ears, or wherever you find the stampede string the most comfortable. 

If you are going to wear the stampede string in front, then place the holes just in front of your ears. 

If you are going to wear the stampede string hanging at the back then place the holes so the string hangs behind your ears. 

Steps to install the string 

  • Two small holes are needed to install a looped stampede string. 
  • Check to make sure the hat is on correctly before you punch the holes.  
  • The size tag goes is the back of the Cowboy hat.
  • Once you find exactly where you want the stampede string, you will have to place two small holes in the hat. I like using an very narrow awl, which is a tool that has a small sharp point and the shaft gradually gets thicker. 
  • The awl easily spreads the hat material apart and if you are carefully, the awl will not cut through the material but just separate the material. Again, make sure you know the exact spot for the holes before you start. 
  • Next, start slowing pushing the awl upward. You want to make the hole from the bottom of the brim towards the top. After countless times of installing a looped stampede string, I have found that the awl goes easier through the material from the bottom to the top and the hat holds it's shape better. 


Do not force the awl though, just gently and with a gentle  pushing, and wiggle motion  let it work its' way through the material. 

  • Now test the size of the hole, by sliding one of the end loops of the stampede string though the hole. (the end loops are the loops that are on the opposite ends of the tassels) There is one loop for each side.  I use a string to help me wiggle the stamped string through the holes.  
  • You want the fit to be tight. It is best if you actually make the hole too small and redo it a few times, rather than making one big hole the first time.  
  • Pull the loops through. 
  • Take both sides and loop them around the crown of the hat to form the hat band. 


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