Saddle Butter

Saddle Butter
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Ray Holes Saddle Butter 14 oz.

Amazing Saddle Cleaner, Ray Holes Saddle Buter cleans and conditions leather in one easy stip. You can see the dirt just 'melt' off your saddle. Saddle butter also works great on Boots, Chaps, Chinks, bridles, infact anything made from leather!


Ray Holes Saddle Butter waterproofs and conditions. Made especially for leather exposed to tough weather conditions.

For over 50 years Saddle Butter has been unexcelled in protecting saddles and leather gear fro three of leathers worst enemies; sun, wet weather and sweat. Saddle Butter contains a conbination of fine waxes and ingredients including bees wax and carnauba wax, tallows and pure neatsfoot oil.

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