Ray Hunt Back to the Beginning DVD

Ray Hunt Back to the Beginning DVD
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Ray Hunt Back to the Beginning DVD


From the time it all began, Ray Hunt tried to show the human how to approach the horse in a way the horse could accept. Many have tried to emulate, which is the highest form of flattery, but none have had the feel, timing and balance of the great Ray Hunt.

He always tried to work from where the horse’s understanding was. Constantly aware of the horse’s physical and mental expression, he saw nothing mystical in it. He was just a man with a passion for horses, armed with a determination to make “breaking” horses a thing of the past. He staked his life and his livelihood on the notion that horse training didn’t have to be a battle for dominance. Ever thinking, ever feeling, and always working on doing less to get more, Ray Hunt was a man of insight and passion and this video is a chance to spend some time with him.

This DVD is a 60 minute demonstration of Ray's colt starting magic from the early 80s. You will not be disappointed in this valuable footage of a true master.


Customer Reviews

Posted 2 March 2008 by Gill Geoghegan

If you have ever started a horse before - you will be blown away by this DVD! Especially if you wanted to make a connection and a communication with that horse. Ray shows hwo to make that communication in the early stages, that will carry through to the riding. Different types of horses are seen on this DVD - interesting for all horse trainers or horse starters - or just for horse lovers! 5*

Posted 12 November 2008 by Clare Macleod

a fantastic compelling watch! I intend to watch this many, many times. An inspirational dvd but also educational. Ray is an amazing horseman and watching him with these young horses really helps to make sense of what he writes about in his book. The fact that he gets on these youngsters for their first ride with nothing on their heads, shows his amazing level of feel and understanding. There's lots to learn from in this dvd!

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