Ray Hunt Colt Starting

Ray Hunt Colt Starting
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Ray Hunt Colt Starting DVD - Ray works with colts at a depth not often seen in any horse training DVD


This DVD contains material and instruction rarely seen by any but Ray's closest friends. Here Ray goes in to great depth as he works with young colts.

Ray stresses that these early lessons are the most significant part of a horse's education. The video captures Ray working with our colts as each achieves important "firsts" - first saddling, first bridling, first ride, first group ride, and onward toward more advanced training. Ray shows how to set a horse up for success regardless of breed or riding discipline.

This series is presented very close to real time, allowing viewers to see what actually took place and how changes came about. Or as Ray would put it, you'll get to see "what happened before what happened, happened."

More than 5 hours of hands-on instruction contained on 2 DVDs


Customer Review Posted 10 June 2008 by Rachael Childs

A truly inspirational DVD for horse lovers! Ray allows us to step into his world and guides us through the steps of seeing things from the horse's point of view. We see how the colts Ray works with grow in confidence and given a fantastic foundation to a horse/human relationship. With bags of footage this is a must have for all who hold horses close to their hearts.


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