The Truth About Feeding Your Horse

The Truth About Feeding Your Horse
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Confused by the conflicting advice on nutrition and numerous products on the shelves? Then read on......

The Truth About Feeding Your Horse is a comprehensive and authoritative guide to every aspect of equine nutrition, making it essential reading for owners, stable managers, trainers and students. Topics include:

  • the digestive process
  • feeding behaviour
  • essential nutriens and their roles in the body
  • different types of feeds including compounds, forages and supplements
  • how to assess a horse and then formulate an individual feed ration
  • how to feed for different workloads and disciplines
  • feeding older horses, breeding and growing horses
  • feeding more naturally
  • how to feed horses with clinical problems including laminitis and tying up
  • feeding myths

Clare is an independent Registered Equine Nutritionist with expertis in sports science who provides practical advice on feeding and nutrition for all equine animals, whether you have a companion donkey or an elite racehorse. Clare specialises in nutrition for performance (in both horse and rider) and feeding the horse naturally.


Each book has been signed by the author, Clare Macleod


Hardback, 272 pages


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